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Regnani Zampone

Zampone is a primary dish across Italy during the Holiday period. In northern Italy the use of Zampone continues throughout the winter season. The most common dinner for Zampone is New Year's eve together with Lentils. In Bergamo and some parts of Brianza they call Lentils "denari" or coins. The tradition is that each lentil represents a coin to be earned during the year and Zampone which is ground pork stuffed in the skin of a pig's leg is the purse. Zampone is usually a 75% meat to 25% fat mix. Additionally the snout and other pieces considered delicacies may be included. The meat, coarsely chopped or ground, as if it were Salami meat is then mixed with salt, pepper, cloves, garlic, nutmeg and some red wine. The pigskin or "cotenna" is cleaned with vinegar and the pig foot is left on. Finally the meat mixture is placed in the skin, wound and tied. It is then left to cure at about 68 degrees and 50-55% humidity.

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