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Cucina Antica Carbonara Ready Sauce

Thanks to its creamy texture, even when heated, the egg inside doesn't cook anymore and become scrambled.

It is mainly used as a pasta sauce (excellent with spaghetti, ideal with long semolina pasta). Before putting on the pasta, it needs heating in a frying pan for about 1 minute. Then it needs diluting with the cooking water or some milk.

Other uses: for pizza, crostoni, vol-au-vents. We recommend using the product before cooking (for pizza) or heated up (for crostoni or vol-au-vents).

Can be combined with cheese, cream, peas and oregano.


Smoked and unsmoked bacon (33%), egg yolk ( 9%), olive oil, onion, white wine, rice starch, spices.

200 g
Pieces per case

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