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Amaro Braulio

Bitter Braulio was born in Bormio, Valtellina area. This land is quite hostile for vines, however, it offers a wide variety of herbs and flowers. Namely, from the latter that the bitter 'Amaro Braulio'was born. The original recipe require mixing wormwood, muscat achillea, gentian and juniper. Then follows desiccation, soaking in sugar and alcohol for a month and two years of ageing in oak barrels.

The name of this bitter derives from Braulio hill, one of Stelvio national park hills. On the top of the mountain the herbs, stems, berries and flowers used in the bitter preparation are picked.

The bitter Braulio is served cold, straight or with ice or mixed with water and seltz. It may also be warmed up, but not until boiling, and then left to get cold slowly in cups of grog.

700 ml
Pieces per case

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